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Lucky Dogs Daycare is named after my childhood best friend, Lucky, who I adopted from the RSPCA when I was 11 years old. I love having her memory with me in every step of the business. I have extensive experience walking and sitting for dogs and other pets, as well as volunteering with many dog sanctuaries and animal charities across the world. Prior to a career in dog care, I was a qualified, experienced teacher of Physical Education, and I coach and run netball clubs. The care, diligence and conscientious approach I have when caring for children are mirrored in how I care for animals.

The experience of growing up and caring for Lucky has had a huge impact on my life, so I know how important your furry family member is. My dog walking and care service is of a standard that I would have wanted for her. Exercising and providing a home from home for your much-loved pet and furry friend is not a responsibility I would ever take lightly. I guarantee they will be happy, relaxed, and loved, whether on a walk, in your home, or at their home from home.

I love all animals and have an affinity towards dogs. I just love them, and they love me. This leads to us quickly developing a trusting relationship.

After spending my summer holidays volunteering at a dog sanctuary in Thailand (https://www.soidog.org/), I subsequently took a five month work sabbatical to spend more time with the wonderful dogs and cats there. This special time reminded me that I have everything required to provide top quality dog care for local dog owners, and from there Lucky Dogs Daycare was born.


I have volunteered at many other charities before, and since Soidog. Closer to home I walked a terrier called Annie, whose owner for her owner who was unable to walk her, organised via the Cinnamon Trust http://www.cinnamon.org.uk/.

Below are some links to the wonderful charities which I have volunteered at during my holidays. Inspiring organisations and individuals making a difference to the lives of animals all over the world. These varied experiences have enabled me to develop an understanding of a wide range of dog breeds, personalities, backgrounds, and individual needs. I am well equipped and committed to bring out the best in every dog.


If you need someone to take good care of your cat, rabbit, gerbil, or even your rat while you are away then look no further! I recently rescued an abandoned kitten, just a few weeks old, whilst I was Indonesia. ‘Indah’ was eventually adopted in New York. Her adventure was documented in the Dodo:


I look forward to meeting you and your pet.

The video below gives you a small insight into the life of a dog and a volunteer at a dog shelter. Please always consider adopting a dog rather than buying from a breeder. You will change that dogs life forever, in fact you will save it's life! Many rescue centres have dogs which love children, plus mixed breeds come with less healthy problems. If you would like any advice or recommendations of potential rescue centres, please contact me.